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Subcommittee Meeting
November 22, 2011
Safety Guidelines Sub-Committee

We now publish English, Chinese and Korean translations of the Japanese version of the "3DC Safety Guidelines".
We hope that they will contribute to the global dissemination of comfortable and safe 3D images.

The "3DC Safety Guidelines" is a translation of the Japanese version.
If translated guidelines cause problems, statements of the Japanese version are prioritized.

Before you download the material, send the following information by email either in English or in Japanese to the contact for downloading the "3DC Safety Guidelines" (3dc-guideline@3dc.gr.jp).
(1) Company/Organization Name
(2) Category of Business
(3) Contact (Phone and email)
(4) From what information source you came to know about the 3DC Safety Guidelines.
(5) Other Remarks
Material (download)
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