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Subcommittee Meeting
December 28, 2004
July 27, 2004
May 28, 2004
May 28, 2004
November 26th, 2003
October 30th 2003
June 25th, 2003
May 28th, 2003
Report of the "Joint presentation on 3D Consortium's section activities"
July 27, 2004
Report on the activities of the Services/Contents Section

Mr. Norihiko Imakita
  • Establishment of the Web portal site "CREATORLOUNGE" - which acts as a liaison between member companies and creators who work with the Digital Content Association and CG Arts Society. Its contents include interviews with creators, open seminars and so on.
  • Experiments for 3D content distribution for mobile phones - Reports on distributed content, access counts, contents of questionnaire and so on. The experiments finished at the end of August.
  • Organization of a joint conference and reception with the Digital Content Association at SIGGRAPH 2004 - will utilize chances to work with other organizations including providing support for the development of creators.

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Report on the Technical Section activities

Mr. Kuniaki Izumi
  • Activities of Working Group (WG) - Technology Investigation Working Group, Amusement Working Group, Broadcasting & Live Action Shooting WG, Advanced Technology Investigation WG, and 3D Content Viewer Development WG.
  • Contents of activities this year - A proposal of a common format, an offer of a common viewer, lending of demonstration software, content and equipment.

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Report of the Safety/Guidelines Section Activities

Mr. Shigeru Chiba
  • "Safety guidelines" for the diffusion of human-friendly 3D is being established. Try to prepare practical guidelines referring to the JEITA Safety Guidelines to secure safety for users and providers.
  • Safety for users - Reduction of eye strain, discomfort and health hazard by looking at 3D contents.
  • Safety for providers - Offering of 3D images without a sense of discomfort, reduction of risks of lawsuits under the PL law.
  • The effects of 3D images on living bodies is being researched, and (1) there is not much we can claim "this ensure safety." (2) We cannot have any kind of certificate as a safe contents provider. However, we do have significant guidelines recommended for the reduction of risks. Therefore, it is important for us to prepare guidelines proposed by the 3D Consortium.

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