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3D Fair 2007
Lectures, exhibition and presentation

Venue: GS Hall, Seoul, Korea
November 26 - 27, 2007
On November 26 and 27, "3D Fair 2007" was jointly organized by the 3D Consortium and the 3D Display Research Center, Kwangwoon University (3DRC) in Seoul, Korea.
Following the 1st fair, "3D Fair 2006" which was jointly organized between Japan and Korea in Akiba 3D Theater last year, the 2nd version was held at the GS Hall in Gangnam, in downtown Seoul, Korea.
In Korea, the government has been supporting the stereoscopic industry under its "3D Vision 2010" initiative. There were complimentary addresses by the Ministry of Information and Communication in Korea, the commission related to science and technology in the Korean Parliament and a top official who is close to the President which indicates the enthusiasm for promotion of the stereoscopic industry in Korea.
The Executive Committee (Chairmen: Professor Takashi Kawai, associate professor, Waseda University and Professor Eun-Soo KIM of Kwangwoon University) of the Fair included participation by Kwangwoon University, Chungbuk National University, Seoul National University, Suwon University, KIST, LG Electronics and LG-Nortel from Korea, and Sharp, Seiko Epson and SGI Japan which are executive companies of the 3D Consortium from Japan. In addition, Mr. Seiichi Tanaka, standing director of the Digital Content Association of Japan under the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and Dr. Kazumasa Enami (Director of Universal Media Research Center, NICT), Chairperson of the Planning and Promotion Committee of the Ultra-Realistic Communication Forum (URCF) under the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications delivered a congratulatory address and a lecture which marked the fair as a big 3D event where industry, academia and the government of Japan and Korea gathered.
In the ceremony, "Seoul 3D Declaration 2007", following the Akiba 3D Declaration which had been made last year, was announced to foster 3D creators, collaboration between business and academia in terms of 3D technologies, and collaboration between Japan and Korea for the standardization of 3D.
During these two days, presentation of 3D image works (13 works) and an exhibition of 3D related products (73 items) from Japan and Korea were made, and the international 3D technology conference (19 lectures) was held on the 27th.
In Korea, the top three cinema complexes which are CGV, Lotte Cinema and Mega Box started 3D movie service all together two years ago which started a 3D boom.
During the 12th Pusan International Film Festival in October 2007, there were active discussions by persons who are involved with 3D movies from all over the world and expectations for dissemination of stereoscopic business increased further.
The meaning of the joint organization of 3D Fair between Japan and Korea is to expand the market by cooperating with each other and to establish a stereoscopic image business as early as possible which will lead the world.
Based on the friendship which has been established up to now between people who are involved with the 3D industry in Japan and in Korea, we are going to attract people in wider types of industries to expand the scope of the stereoscopic image business.

Tape cutting during the opening ceremony
Seoul 3D Declaration by Mr. Yasushi Yamamoto (Sharp), deputy president of the 3D Consortium and Professor Eun-Soo KIM of Kwangwoon University

*Seoul 3D Declaration 2007
In order to promote the collaborations between Korea and Japan in research and development of 3D technology and to cultivate new 3D industries in both countries, We hereby declare the followings;

  1. We cultivate the next-generation creators, engineers and researchers who can lead the 3D industry and provide them a wide variety of opportunities for searching for new styles of 3D expressions and applications.
  2. We promote various exchanging programs of 3D-related students, scholars and researchers between the university, research institutes and industries in both countries.
  3. We promote the joint research projects for cooperative development of new 3D technologies and systems.
  4. We enhance various collaborations including the share and transfer of 3D-related intellectual properties and form up worldwide 3D networks, starting from Asian countries.
  5. We share the vision and strategy for future 3D industrial advancement, and make good effort for Korea and Japan to become a renowned international R&D and business hub in the area of 3D technology.
  6. We cooperate in moving forward with coming international standardization of 3D technology.

November 26th, 2007
3D Consortium of Japan
3DRC of Korea

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