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Japan-China 3D technical exchange program
(Venue: Beijing, China)
March 20 and 22, 2010
The "Japan-China 3D technical exchange program" was organized as a part of a project committed to by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Division/Commissioned to Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc.) in fiscal 2009. Mr. Kouichi Imai, Associate Head of Administration of the 3D Consortium participated in the program and gave a lecture.

On March 20, we visited the China Film Archive, which is the largest-scale digital movie production base in China, and toured the technical facilities related to image production including the warehouse of costumes, Studio No. 6 and sets for locations of filming.

On March 22, we visited Beijing Film Academy and toured the facilities and conducted a preview of 3D image works. After that, we participated in a program titled "Meeting for exchanging opinions concerning 3D technology and standardization" in the Academy.
* We toure to see facilities including the sound equipment and editing rooms used for the Recording Course, shooting equipment, digital editing rooms, and preview rooms for 3D content used for the Shooting Course. In the preview room, we viewed 3D image works produced by the Digital Art and Technology Research Center of the Academy to evaluate the effect of 3D images on the human body.
* At the beginning of the "Meeting for exchanging opinions concerning 3D technology and standardization", Mr. Cheung, President of the Academy, gave an opening address with the following content: The movie industry in China has swiftly been expanding. The interest of the general public in 3D has risen in China, too. Therefore, the Academy is focusing on development of 3D technology and equipment to contribute further to the development of 3D, based on the full understanding of 3D as fast as possible. He mentioned that he would like to establish closer relations between China and Japan to develop such relations into a place for technical and educational exchange. After that, Mr. Kyota Yamamoto, Technical Regulations, Standards and Conformity Assessment Policy Division, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry mentioned that the interest in 3D by the general public has also been growing in Japan. He also mentioned he hoped that this meeting will be a fruitful one for both Japan and China and will become a bridge to the next occasion. After their addresses, experts from Japan and China gave lectures and a panel discussion was conducted. From the 3D Consortium, Mr. Imai explained about commitment of the Consortium, introduced members, and explained briefly about the trends of the 3D industry and relations with overseas organizations. He also referred to the Consortium's activities including preparation and dissemination of the "3DC Safety Guidelines" and participation and cooperation in the international standardization activities including those by ISO. The following persons also gave lectures:
Mr. Hiroyasu Ujike, Multimodal Integration Research Group, Institute for Human Science and Biomedical Engineering, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology: Report on verification of guidelines concerning biological safety of 3D images.
Mr. Mitsuharu Haibara, IMAGICA Corporation:
Explanation of the trends in the 3D industry from the standpoint of post-production.
Mr. Cherng, Digital Film Production Base of China Film Group Corporation: Explanation of the current status of the 3D movie market in China.
Mr. Liu, Digital Art and Technology Research Center, Beijing Film Academy: Explanation of current status of advancement of 3D technology in China.
Mr. Jun Yoshida, Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ): Summary of business of DCAJ, trends of the content market and introduction of collection of images to support 3D content creation.
Mr. Toshifumi Furusawa, guest professor of Beijing Film Academy assumed the role as moderator of the panel discussion, and opinions were exchanged among all participants. There were active exchanges of opinions concerning the trends of the image content market, movies and 3D TVs and image safety, and participants renewed their shared recognition that promotion of development of content and content creators is important.
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