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The report on participation in "2011 NAB Show"

: Imai (3D Consortium)

National Association of Broadcasters, Washington, DC
April 11 (Mon) - April 14, 2011 (Thu)
"The Las Vegas Convention Center", Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The NAB Show organized by NAB (National Association of Broadcasters, Washington DC) has a history of more than 85 years. It has exhibitors representing more than 1,500 companies from around 150 countries and has more than 90,000 visitors. It is an event concerning video, broadcasting equipment and digital media which is the largest such exhibition in the world. In addition to the exhibition, conferences, sessions and technical training which totaled 500 or more with productive contents were simultaneously organized.
The 3D Consortium participated in the exhibition for the first time with its own booth. Its booth was effectively used for the exhibit of "Digital Intermediate Software - Assimilate Scratch" by Technology Joint Corporation, a member company of the 3D Consortium, as well as for introduction of activities by the secretariat of the 3D Consortium and for recruiting overseas members.
Exclusive space for exhibition of 3D related items at the venue was in a lively atmosphere with many visitors who represented the recent 3D boom. From what we heard, the space for the 3D related items was full of messages which referred to 3D as a future solution; however, this year, the overall impression was that 3D is regarded as one of the "ordinary" technologies and each company seemed to present their own characteristic message to explain how they implemented 3D.
Mr. James Cameron, cinematographer and Mr. Vince Pace, producer who is famous for shooting 3D, delivered the opening keynote address. During the address, concerning the issue of the tremendous costs required for 3D shooting, they mentioned that they developed a "piggyback" method which equips a 2D camera with 3D functions. They announced that they established a new company for diffusion of this technology which made a hot topic. They also talked about the bright future of 3D saying that we will be able to see full high definition 3D video without glasses within less than 10 years and at that time, 3D will become overwhelmingly popular.

(Scenes of the Exhibition)

(Exhibition with demonstrations by Technology Joint Corporation)

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