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The organization of the "3D Consortium 2005 General Meeting"
Venue: Sharp Makuhari Building
February 15, 2005
Mr. Haruhiko Murata, chairman of the 3D Consortium, declaring of the establishment of the general meeting.
Mr. Kuniaki Izumi, associate head of the 3D Consortium explaining individual agenda items.
The 2005 general meeting was officially established by confirming an absolute majority with 50 of the 104 members attending and 27 absent members submitting letters of proxy.
All the agenda items were approved.
The agenda items discussed at the general meeting were as follows:

Agenda Items for the General Meeting
PDF file: 32KB

PDF file: 28KB

PDF file: 12KB

PDF file: 20KB

PDF file: 28KB

Professor Shimizu lecturing on the stereoscopic expression program at universities of fine arts
After the general meeting concluded, "Keynote Lectures" were held. These were delivered by Professor Eiji Shimizu, Takarazuka University of Art and Design, Mr. Hiroshi Sasaki, Namco Ltd., Mr. Masaki Ogi, Works Corporation Inc., and Mr. Kagehiro Oshima, Japan-China's CG Association.
In addition, 15 members including overseas members, participated in the exhibition held with the presentation at a specially-installed exhibit space.
74 companies and 120 individuals including participants from Rittaikyo participated in the keynote lectures and the exhibition.

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3D is the key to the paradigm shift "from paper culture to electronic display culture"

Mr. Taniguchi, head of Administration, 3D Consortium
By the efforts and activities of all of our members, our consortium will celebrate its third year.
Today, it is the first meeting of this year, and I would like to reconfirm the basic parts of the 3D Consortium activities.

The 3D market, that is, hardware, software, and contents services, engage spirally and markets are being formed. I think all of our members agree that this is our activity concept and they also agree to the significance of our activities.
This Consortium celebrates its third year, and is now the mother organization including more than 100 executive and regular members and more than 70 associate members. Because all of our members are developing activities by setting the direction of those activities, I really feel that the interest and expectations of 3D are great.

When taking a look back on the two years from the inauguration of this Consortium in 2003, we have been continuing activities by dwelling on systems to diffuse the 3D business, including technical development, contents development, and safety guidelines and confirming the origin all the time. We have also strongly been promoting global activities to form the wave of the 3D business.

About this year 2005, we are planning to reinforce activities with three view points and share in spreading the new 3D businesses.

The first view point is contents.
We use Creators' Lounge, aimed at the improvement of creators' three-dimensional thinking and the bridge between creators and members, as the engine with which to focus on developing contents including amusement, and utility that can only be provided by 3D through the cooperation with media and related associations.
The second view point is the enhancement of educational campaigns and promotional activities.
We actively promote cooperation with related organizations. Among them, it is important to communicate the understanding and perception of a new 3D to the general public.
The third view point is the further enhancement of overseas business cultivation and the spread of our activities worldwide.
We look forward to continued support from all of our members.

Now, we would like to describe two major perspectives in terms of creating a turning point of the times.

First, these days, we are in the middle of a paradigm shift "from paper culture to electronic display culture."
On one hand, the characteristics of paper are superior to those of electronic displays, and on the other hand, the characteristics of electronic displays are superior to those of paper. However, I think 3D stereoscopic expression will be the key element of the future paradigm shift.

Secondly, the possibilities when we obtain 3D are expanding in various fields.
I mentioned the comparison between paper culture and electronic display culture, but when shifting to the electronic display culture, it is not possible to talk about new possibilities and dreams that go beyond paper culture only by means of characteristics.

For example, in terms of education and learning, there is a growing awareness that 3D has the upper hand in intuitive understanding. Recently, research on effects achieved by 3D in education is beginning in Illinois, USA.
In the worlds of medicine and science, new 3D expressions are spreading in the point of more accurate understanding.
Also, I think that the possibility of 3D will produce a new view of the world regarding how we express sensitivity including in the world of amusements.

In future activities, we are planning to communicate the utilities of 3D from new aspects to society, and create a turning point of the times by cooperation with all of our members, based on the background of proven data by research. Such utilities will include the use of 3D in the field of education, dementia in the field of medicine, utilities which use 3D in the field of dementia treatment, and utilities from the aspect of health, such as eye stretching and vision improvement.

Finally, I will introduce the hot news of Sharp Corporation.

Sharp has understood that the popularization of the 3D platform in the market is one element to live up to all of our members' expectations. Consequently, a 3D personal computer and 3D monitor were commercialized last year, too.
Sharp will launch the new product "PC - AL3DH" as a 3D personal computer in March. Today, Sharp will issue the press release to introduce the new product to all of our members instantaneously.

Sharp would like to actively spread out the flow of hardware and software that are expanding spirally based on the platform in the future, too, and would be so pleased if you could use the new product.

Thank you very much for coming to this general meeting today.

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The evolution of the stereoscopic expression program at universities of fine arts
(Industry doesn't expand without enhancement of education.)

Professor and Chairperson of Department of Art Information, Takarazuka University of Art and Design
Mr. Eiji Shimizu
Efforts for the new business by Namco (future avatar)

Team Leader of Namco Incubation Center business development group, Namco Ltd.
Mr. Hiroshi Sasaki
  • From robots to Internet businesses - robots and welfare equipment in the 1980s, theme parks in the 1990s, and Internet businesses in the 2000s
  • Avatars of the past and present - the concept called avatar in online communities, and avatars for attractions in theme parks
  • Future avatars - the possibility of stereoscopic image avatar with CG called "Fairy"
Interactive relationship between expression and technology in CG

Managing Editor, Works Corporation Inc.
Mr. Masaki Ogi
Situations of 3D in China and Japan-China's exchange activities

Association President, JAPAN-CHINA's CG Association
Mr. Kagehiro Oshima
  • The status of 3D research in China - Academic institutes, Universities, and Institutes for industrial research
  • Education, software, and publications related to 3D
  • Perspectives on the industry, product, and market of 3D
  • Japan-China's cultural exchange activities
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Exhibition (Participating member companies and their contents)

InterScience Corporation
- Stereoscopic image editing system for hi-vision
The automated support functions allow you to create full-scale stereoscopic images from original 2D images by a simple operation.

FA System Engineering Co. Ltd.
- Synchronized Stereo Image Capturing Device
Multidimensional Capturing System (High-definition Synchronous Transmission System)

Sanyo Electric Co. Ltd.
- 20-inch 3D Display
- 17-inch 3D Display
- 2.5-inch 3D Display

Sharp Corporation/Software developed by Dynamic Digital Depth Corp.
- Three New Products of the 3D Notebook Computer

Arisawa Manufacturing Co. Ltd./Dynamic Digital Depth Research Pty Ltd. <joint exhibition>
Arisawa Manufacturing Co. Ltd.: 40-inch Stereoscopic Monitor and 2D/3D Conversion Device (demonstrating Dynamic Digital Depth's conversion software)
Dynamic Digital Depth: Conversion Software

Texnai Inc.
- Stereoscopic Hi-Vision Player with Parallax Adjustment Function "Stereo 3D-HiBox"
- Stereo 3D Depth Painting Program "StPaint"

Namco Ltd.
- Fractional View Display (stereoscopic vision of non-integer view)
<Overview> You can use all types of flat panel displays and ready-made lenses that are not for exclusive use. We will exhibit the stereoscopic technology to realize high quality stereoscopic images by software processing.
(Hardware is the same as the one exhibited in the joint presentation on July 27 of last year.)

PENTAX Corporation
- PENTAX Optio 750Z (compact-sized digital camera)
- PENTAX Optio S5i (compact-sized digital camera)
- PENTAX Optio SV (compact-sized digital camera)
You take a picture of the subject twice with scooching by just parallax between right-and-left, and record two photos laid side-by-side.
When you print out the picture image and look through the special viewer equipped with the digital camera, you can easily take enjoyment in the stereoscopic photos.
If you process the picture image by using the dedicated software on the computer and display it on 3D-enabled display, you can take delight in stereoscopic photos without the viewer.
- Stereo Adapter D + PENTAX * ist DS (digital single lens reflex camera)
You take a picture by installing the adapter for stereo photo in the edge of the lens of a digital single lens reflex camera.
When you print out the picture image and look through the special viewer equipped with the digital camera, you can easily enjoy the stereoscopic photos.
If you process the picture image by using the dedicated software on the computer and display it on a 3D-enabled display, you can take delight in stereoscopic photos without the viewer.

Mercury Inc.
- Mercury3D (2D-3D image converter)
(Real-time conversion from 2D image to 3D image.
By using software and STB, the image can be displayed on various monitors including monitors of notebook computers, Projectors, TVs, and so on.)

META Corporation Japan
- Contents for medical education that can be used in the field of esthetic surgery corresponding to displays showing stereoscopic images without special glasses
Title: Actioforma Digital Handbook Series about anatomy of shoulders and sonography (DVD-ROM)

RealViz, Inc.
Dimension Technologies Inc: Displays Showing Stereoscopic Images without Special Glasses
SeeRealTechnologies GmbH: Displays Showing Stereoscopic Images without Special Glasses

HumanEyes Technologies
StereoMirror 3D Displays.

Fergason Patent Properties

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