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3D Consortium study session organized by the Contents Sub-committee
(Venue: SGI Hall, Ebisu)
June 18, 2010

The theme of the study session was "The latest trends of 3D contents and production technologies supporting them".
In the flow toward 3D which started from the success of the movie "Avatar", we are at a major turning point supported by advanced production technologies of 3D contents and display technologies, and the significance of 3D contents has become greater and greater. In order to develop the content business further by creating superior contents, we held a study session organized by the Contents Sub-committee.
After the greeting by Mr. Tsutomu Horikoshi (Leader, Contents Sub-committee), We invited prominent figures who are deeply involved with the latest trends of 3D contents and creation of 3D contents in the industry. They gave lectures on their latest activities with enthusiasm about 3D content.
Our member, Lucent Pictures Entertainment, Inc., organized an exhibition with a demonstration of 3D images.
There were 34 members at the study session for a total of 59 people attending.

"Trends of 3D contents"

Researcher on stereoscopic images
Mr. Takayuki Oguchi

> Outline of lecture
In the full-fledged 3D boom, the 3D industry in Japan tends to prioritize hardware and topics and issues about 3D contents are less prioritized. News about 3D TVs and Blu-ray players have frequently been covered by the press; however, our big question, "Then, what can we see with these devices?" has still not been answered. In such circumstances, this lecture provided an insight about how 3D contents should be through covering topics such as 3D movies which are going to be released, rapid dissemination of 2D/3D conversion, the current status of TV/DVD/Blu-ray contents, and ideal directoral techniques of contents and materials which are not suitable for 3D.
"Fostering of human resources which is essential to the full-fledged diffusion of 3D and the appropriateness of the promotion of 3D products"

Contents service producer
Mr. Satoshi Machida

> Outline of lecture
Most of the major manufacturers released their 3D display products. In such a situation, lack of 3D contents has become an urgent issue to be solved. Then, is it enough if we only have equipment for shooting and editing? Even if we have superior equipment, lack of human resources with basic knowledge about creation of 3D content leads to mass production of contents with inferior quality which may stall the 3D market. This lecture provided recommendations on basic workshops which enable easy acquisition of basic knowledge on creation of 3D contents with insignificant costs.
"Commitment for planning and producing 3D contents"

President, Lucent Pictures Entertainment, Inc.
Mr. Eiichi Kamagata

> Outline of lecture
Explanations of past achievements, experiences and production techniques of 3D contents by Lucent Pictures Entertainment, Inc. were given. This lecture introduced the commitment by Lucent Pictures which aims to provide 3D contents that satisfy the audience in the situation where we are in a 3D boom thanks to rapid dissemination of digital technologies. Appropriate approaches to tackle with the issue of a lack of 3D contents including presenting challenges and solutions were also covered.

> Exhibition by using demonstration of images
"Development of stereopsis (3D) image technology and activities for dissemination"

Chief of Future Business Promotion Room, Business Development Department
Mr. Tomoaki Sudo

> Outline of lecture
In order to avoid failure in creation of stereoscopic images and to contribute to effective creation of 3D images, as a part of the project to promote creation of new markets by integration of IT and services for fiscal 2009 (project for experiments of contents technologies) commissioned by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Digital Content Association of Japan prepared the "Collection of images and explanations to support 3D creation" based on examples of unnatural or uncomfortable 3D images as a result of their selecting scenes which are used often and shooting and editing with computer graphics. In this lecture, explanations of this collection and introduction of seminars based on the collection were provided.
"Commitment toward 4K3D images"

Manager, Marketing Promotion Division, Broadcast Engineering Department, NHK Media Technology, Inc.
Mr. Itaru Murayama

> Outline of lecture
This year is referred to as the first year of 3D. Finally, mass production of full high definition 3D images has started. An increase in available 3D contents is welcome for the monitor market and general audience; however, at the same time, there are concerns about dissemination of 3D images with poor quality which may lead to the 3D boom as being a temporary one. In such a situation, this lecture introduced "4K3D" which comes after high definition 3D, and the results of verification of the impact of enhanced definition on 3D images and effects by creating 4K3D images.
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