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Organization of joint special lectures "All Japan will win the global 3D business Competition" by the 3D Consortium and the Ultra-Realistic Communication Forum
(Venue: Fun Theater in Head quarters Mirai-Kenkyusho of NAMCO BANDAI Games, Higashi-Shinagawa)
September 17, 2009
The recent popularity of 3D movies in North America has fueled the global 3D boom, and consortiums related to 3D including 3D@Home in North America, 3D4you in Europe, 3DFIC in Korea and C3D in China were established and commitment to lead the 3D industry started.
On the other hand, various commitments between the public sector and the private sector are being worked on in Japan including the public offering of projects related to safety of images, international standardization of 3D, 3D displays and 3D content production led by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.
Under such a situation, an industry-government-academia "all-Japan" commitment is essential for Japan, which has strength in digital equipment including displays and digital cameras and contents production for games and animation, to win the competition under the international circumstances concerning 3D in recent years.
Considering the circumstances, 3D Consortium (3DC) decided to organize lectures for introduction of activities by gathering relevant groups focusing on standardization and contents production through cooperation with the Ultra-Realistic Communication Forum (URCF) to strengthen the all-Japan cooperative commitment.
In addition to lectures, exhibitions with demonstrations were organized and they ended successfully by having many visitors.
There were 153 members at the lectures for a total of 203 people attending.

Fully occupied venue of lectures
Mr. Koichi Imai, assistant head of administration of 3DC delivering an opening address)
Addresses by guests

Deputy Director, Research and Development Office, Global ICT Strategy Bureau, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications
Mr. Masahiro Kasuya

Media and Content Industry Division, Commerce and Information Policy Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
Mr. Mikiya Kato
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1. 3D Safety Guidelines

"Commitment by the industry concerning the 3D Safety Guidelines"

Leader of the Safety Guidelines Sub-Committee of 3DC
Mr. Shigeru Chiba

"ISO international guidelines on biomedical effects caused by visual image sequences"

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Mr. Hiroyasu Ujike

2. "Standardization of measuring methods for 3D displays by International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC)"

Toshiba Mobile Display Technology Co., Ltd.
Mr. Yuzo Hisatake
3. "Stereo still image format for digital still cameras by Camera & Imaging Products Association (CIPA)"

Olimpus Imaging Corp.
Mr. Hiedeaki Yoshida
4. "Development of 3D image technologies by Digital Content Association of Japan (DCAJ)"

Digital Content Association of Japan
Mr. Tsutomu Tanaka
5. "Research and development of 3D technologies at the National Institute of Information and
Communications Technology (NICT) (including activities by URCF)"

National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
Mr. Kazuhiro Kimura
6. "Introduction of an action game which is compatible with any kind of 3D glasses, 'The Legend of Han Tao' "

Mr. Atsushi Miyazawa

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>> Kirazu Kenkyujo Co., Ltd.
[Technologies to generate 3D images with high quality realism and contents]
Clarified the new causes of deterioration of quality of binocular stereoscopic and eye strain and developed technologies for improvement.

>>Mr. Koichi Takeuchi/University of Electro-Communications
[Stereo camera]
A next generation stereo camera.

[Invincible Tiger: The Legend of Han Tao]
This is a horizontal scroll action game in which the main character, the invincible "Tiger" runs through beautifully sophisticated screens. Strength and techniques including defense, evading attacks and combos depend on players' abilities!
Stand up against evil with kung-fu! Deliver justice in ancient China! This is the first stereoscopic Xbox LIVE Arcade title. Players can feel kung-fu attacks by Tiger and others with high realism as if they are actually experiencing them on the spot.

>>Netdimension Corporation
An authoring tool for development of interactive 3D contents/3D user interface (UI).
*Greatly improves efficiency in development of 3D contents/UI
* Handles various targets from PCs (WEB) to mobile phones and embedding in in-vehicle systems.

>>NTT DoCoMo, Inc./Seiko Epson Corporation/ROKKON Inc. (joint exhibition)
[2.57-inch XGA 8-viewpoints 3D display]
By applying the optimum viewpoint width in design, realized both the world's highest 3D resolution and 3D presentation without a sense of discomfort in a wider range.

>>VMJ CO., Ltd.
Demonstration of its new stereo driver "DeepOutside3D.Z" on an 8.4-inch multi-view display.

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