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The organization of the "3D Consortium 2012 General Meeting, Keynote lectures and an exhibition with demonstrations"
(Venue: Japan Education Center (Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku))
February 24, 2012
The 2007 The 2012 General Meeting of the 3D Consortium and commemorative lectures were held at the 1st meeting room of the Japan Education Center (Hitotsubashi, Chiyoda-ku). "Demonstrations and exhibitions" by member companies were also held at the same venue.
This year, 135 persons including the general public attended these lectures associated with the General Meeting.

General Meeting
Head of Administration Mr. koichi Imai delivering an address
Before organization of the General Meeting, Mr. Koichi Imai, Head of Administration of the 3D Consortium (Board member of 3DC, Sharp Corporation) delivered an address.

Prior to the proceedings, Mr. Tadashi Ishikawa (Board member of 3DC, Toshiba Corporation) who was selected as Chairman, reported that the General Meeting came into effect by attendance of 27 members and proxies from 17 members which consisted of 44 members out of a total of 54 members and started discussion of agenda. Then, Mr. Kouichi Imai, Head of Administration of the 3D Consortium, explained about the contents of each agenda item. After due deliberation, all the agenda items were approved as is.

Agenda Items for the General Meeting
Mr. Tadashi Ishikawa, chairman of the general meeting, declaring of the establishment of the meeting.
Mr. Isao Ohashi, auditor, making an audit report.

Commemorative lectures
Mr. Shigeru Chiba, Leader of the Safety Guidelines Sub-comittee delivering an address
After the General Meeting, lectures associated with the General Meeting were organized at the same venue under the themes, "From safety guidelines to production of comfortable 3D" and "Pursuit of attractive 3D applications", which are catch phrases for this fiscal year.

According to the proceedings under Mr. Jun Yoshida (Board member of 3DC, Panasonic Corporation) who served as the master of ceremony, Mr. Imai, Head of Administration introduced the trends of the 3D market and commitment by the 3D Consortium and the movement around ISO concerning the safety of 3D in recent years. He explained about the purpose for planning this commemorative lecture session based on two themes which are catch phrases for this fiscal year since "contents" are a key to dissemination and promotion of 3D.
Then, Mr. Chiba, Leader of the Safety Guideline Sub-committee explained about the process from the publication of the "3DC Safety Guidelines" to the present and our future commitment concerning these guidelines.
During the break, a 3D video which recorded the 'seminar for research of 3D shooting organized by Everyone's 3D WG at "Nokogiriyama Nihonji Temple"' on December 2, 2011 was shown at the venue.

>Part 1 "From safety guidelines to production of comfortable 3D
"Preparation of safety and comfortableness guidelines for S3D in terms of development of games and case examples of exchanging of information"

Senior Programmer, Development Support Section, Advanced Technology Division, Development Studio, NAMCO BANDAI Games Inc.
Mr. Motonaga Ishii
* Lecture Outlinee
During these two years, handling of Stereo 3D in the game industry marked a turning point represented by release of portable game consoles and smart phones supporting Stereo 3D and the appearance of stationary game machines supporting Frame Packing 3D output via HDMI1.4. This lecture, based on case studies, explained how to disseminate guidelines related to comfortableness of Stereo 3D in terms of development of games which have characteristics requiring "high-speed drawing" of contents and "speedy production processes" in production.
"3D production and trends about technologies and industry related to Sky Perfect TV"

Manager, Logistics & Service Development Div., Marketing Group, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Mr. Yutaka Imai
* Lecture Outlinee
Introduction of current situation of 3D broadcasts and production technologies in terms of safety at SkyPerfect TV.
> Part 2 "Pursuit of attractive 3D applications"
"Commitment by Panasonic for enhanced dissemination of 3D and the latest situation"

Councilor, 3D Promotion Digital Soft Lab, AVC Device Development Center, Technology Planning & Development Center, AVC Networks Company, Panasonic Corporation
Mr. Masahiro Kawashima
* Lecture Outlinee
Introduction of the latest situation including 3D TV, equipment for shooting and production, activities for promotion of dissemination of safe, comfortable and attractive 3D contents and commitment related to the Olympic Games in London. 3D contents were presented.
"The latest situation related to 3D entertainment"

Deputy General Manager, 3D Strategy Office, 3D & BD Project Management Division, Sony Corporation
Mr. Yoshiaki Nakata
* Lecture Outlinee
Sony is active in the company-wide, comprehensive promotion of 3D including movies, TV contents, 3net, an exclusive TV channel for 3D, 3D games for PlayStation 3, broadcasting equipment, 3D projectors for movie theaters, 3D equipment and contents for consumers, production and displays. This lecture introduced the latest situation about 3D entertainment. 3D contents were presented.
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Exhibition with demonstrations
> JVC KENWOOD Corporation

[3D camera "GY-HMZ1"]
* Supporting full high definition/24P, 3D twin-lens camcorder for business use
[3D monitor "DT-3D24G1", "32-inch"] (reference exhibit)
* 3D monitor for business use which is intended to be used for editing of 3D contents. 24-inch type which is mainly intended for use at studios and a 32-inch type which is suitable for previews. (reference exhibit)
[3D converter "IF-2D3D1"]
* 2D3D converter which enables handling of scenes which are difficult to shoot and is appropriate for converting existing 2D works into 3D.
> Mr. Kouichi Takeuchi (University of Electro Communication)

[Stereoscopic image shooting by moving one camera horizontally]
* Stereoscopic image shooting system which can be made from materials for home use.
> Newsight Japan Ltd.

[10.1" naked eye multi-parallax display + 3D sheet for iPhone4]
* High-resolution 3D achieved by applying a 3D sheet on a display.
> Kawai Laboratory, Waseda University

* DepthChecker analyzes images by using high-sped stereo matching on video signals for the right and left eyes inputted from cameras and playback equipment supporting 3D. It achieves real-time display of the results as degrees of parallax distribution (horizontal disagreement between right and left images). It enables setting of any allowable ranges for parallax and visualizes the range of deviation for intuitive understanding. One of its characteristics is an easy-to-understand interface considering the usability of creators. Parallax distribution can be checked depending on the environments from mobile terminals to movie theaters just by turning a knob. DepthChecker is designed for easy utilization of functions which are essential for 3D contents creation such as display specified in percent and display of histograms as well as display specified in degrees.
Scenes of the venue of lectures

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