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The organization of the "3D Consortium 2009 General Meeting, lectures and an exhibition with demonstrations"
(Venue: SGI Hall, Ebisu)
February 20, 2009
The 2009 General Meeting of the 3D Consortium was organized at SGI Hall in Yebisu Garden Place, Tokyo. After the general meeting concluded, lectures and an exhibition with demonstrations by member companies were also held.
Members of the Consortium of 3-D Image Business Promotion were invited to the lectures.
There were 51 members at the lectures for a total of 85 people attending.
General Meeting
Associate Head of Administration Mr. Koichi Imai delivering an address
Prior to the General Meeting, Mr. Koichi Imai, Associate Head of Administration of the 3D Consortium, expressed gratitude to those attending, and opened the meeting.

Prior to the proceedings, Mr. Yasushi Yamamoto (Sharp Corporation) who was selected as Chairman, reported that the General Meeting came into effect by attendance of 30 members and proxies from 17 members out of total 61 members. Then, Mr. Ken Mashitani (Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.) explained about each agenda item; all the agenda items were approved as is. The agenda items discussed at the general meeting were as follows:

Agenda Items for the General Meeting
Mr. Yasushi Yamamoto, chairman of the general meeting, declaring of the establishment of the meeting.
Mr. Ken Mashitani, explaining individual agenda items.
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After the general meeting concluded, lectures were held at the same venue.
"Trends of international standardization, research and development concerning biological safety of stereoscopic images"

Group Leader, Multimodal Integration Research Group, Institute for Human Science and Biomedical Engineering, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Mr. Hiroyasu Ujike
* Outline of lecture
Along with the advancement of image technology, the possible use of images has expanded while the need to consider biological safety of images has increased. In this lecture, reports on the trends of international standardization of guidelines under discussion by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) were presented and efforts in Japan concerning research and development as the basis for the guidelines were introduced.
"Biological effects of images on human bodies (sense of realism and safety)"

Professor, School of Biomedical Engineering Faculty of Health and Medical Care Saitama Medical University
Mr. Naoki Kobayashi
* Outline of lecture
Thanks to the popularization of DVDs, game machines and digital TVs, there is a rapid increase in the number of images we have contact with. In such a situation, impacts of moving pictures on human bodies as represented by the "Pokemon incident" cannot be disregarded. Impacts of moving pictures on our bodies include positive effects including "sense of realism" and "immersive feelings" and negative effects including "photo sensitive seizure", "motion sickness" and "visual fatigue". Especially, in terms of "motion sickness", there has been no quantitative verification about the impact of moving pictures. In this lecture, reports on the progress of consideration of a quantitative assessment of motion sickness by using biological signals were presented. The quantitative assessment using biological signals for positive effects based on moving pictures were also covered.
"Activity report of the Creators Lounge (CL) of the 3D Consortium"

Network Solutions Center, One-of-a-Kind Products Planning Group, Sharp Corporation
Mr. Norihiko Imakita
* Outline of lecture
Activities of the Creators Lounge (CL) were introduced. Interviews with leading creators and producers and their works are introduced on CL's website (http://www.creatorslounge.com/).
"Global computer graphic (CG) market and prospects in the future"

Creative Producer, Polygon Pictures Inc.
Mr. Kenji Ishimaru
* Outline of lecture
Four full CG animation movies were ranked in the top 10 movies in the United States last year. Several movies which are widely recognized including "Star Wars: The Clone Wars" were remade by using CG and then were broadcast on TV. In addition, represented by the fact that this year was referred to as the "first year of the next generation of 3D" in Hollywood because numerous stereoscopic movies were run, the CG industry in the United States is very vigorous. The CG studios in Asian countries gather attention from Hollywood as low-cost production lines, and the situation concerning committed production has become severe. In Japan, CG animation for movie theaters has remained stagnant and there is a decreasing trend in the markets for TV animation and game movies. Japanese CG production companies which are in such a severe business situation need global competitive power and development of new markets.
"'Experiments on 3D contents posting and distribution websites by the Broadcasting and Communication Contents Research Working Group (WG)"

Associate director, Media Development Division, Digital Media Development
Mr. Tetsuya Kawamoto
* Outline of lecture
The Broadcasting and Communication Contents Research WG which was established last year has been discussing content gathering and cross-media development by using posting websites for dissemination of 3D broadcasting. We noted the fact that YouTube now supports high definition and 3D images can be uploaded; in this experiment, we will place higher quality high-definition 3D images on our own website and distribute red and blue glasses or parallel method viewers to our members. Development of business which will be realized soon including 3D content distribution to iPhone was covered on this report.

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Exhibition with demonstrations

>>Newsight Japan Ltd.
*[Small-sized 8.4-inch 3D frame] - Stereoscopic frame without glasses.

*[PC 3D Viewer Kit] - Low-price 3D viewer kit for creators. Appropriate for a trial use by production creators who would like to try out 3D image creation. A set includes an LCD monitor (24-inch wide), liquid crystal shutter glasses and player software.

*[Digital sample box "Molpho"] - Multi-display with 8 viewpoints by using a 2.57-inch XGA monitor.

>>VMJ CO., Ltd.
*[40inch 3D maltiview display] - Stereoscopic displays without glasses.

>>The Broadcasting and Communication Contents Research WG
*[3D Contents posting/distribution sites] - Demonstration of experiment on 3D Contents posting/distribution websites.

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