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"Study session jointly hosted by the Contents Section and Social 3DWG"
(Venue: Room 806, Japan Education Center in Jimbo-cho, Tokyo)
May 27, 2011
"Mr. Horikoshi, leader of Contents Sub-committee, greeting an opening address"

On May 27, a study session was organized at Room No. 806 at the Japan Education Center for introduction of the "Social 3DWG (working group)" to be newly established under the Contents Section of the 3D Consortium and for recruiting participants to the WG. The purpose of this WG is to utilize social media to conduct research and review of the 3D market. The leader of the WG, Mr. Tetsuya Kawamoto (Chukyo TV Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) explained about the WG.

We invited people who are involved with the 3D contents to talk about the latest trends of the 3D contents, and the market development of the 3D image contents from the viewpoint of user experiences for the first half of the study session. We also invited a representative from a stereo photo/image lovers' group to talk about tips to enjoy 3D. The latter part of the study session consisted of a lecture by a writer of a Facebook related book concerning his interaction with social media and prospects for future development of social media. After the lecture, a panel discussion was organized which successfully ended as an active discussion. There were 29 members at the study session for a total of 51 people attending.

"Trends of 3D contents"

Image journalist
Mr. Takayuki Oguchi

> Lecture Outline
The fever in 3D caused by the movie "Avatar" gradually seems to be lost and the atmosphere has become rather stable. Will this mood continue and the 3D movie boom end? Or will it be stable? Or will it be reheated? The trends were discussed referring to the 3D movies which will be released and content line-ups offered in Blu-ray3D.
"Market formation from the viewpoint of user experiences"

CEO, Quality eXperience Design Co., Ltd. (QXD)
Mr. Keiji Ohta

> Lecture Outline
Challenges were created through businesses such as "2D/3D conversion" and "evaluation of stereoscopic image contents" which started for diffusion of stereoscopic images and solutions for problems. These challenges and future development of the market were discussed from the viewpoints from content producers, user experiences and so on.
"About a new working group, Social 3D WG"

Leader of Social 3D WG (CHUKYO TV. Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)
Mr. Tetsuya Kawamoto

> Lecture Outline
Between 2009 and 2010, the Contents Section established the "Contents Broadcast/Distribution/Production Research WG" and developed activities which introduced 3D videos produced by amateur creators on the Internet. Nearly two years have already passed since the start of an experimental 3D video site. Now, many 3D videos are uploaded on YouTube. How can we enjoy such videos? After all, the key is a type of word of mouth on the Internet that is social networks. With this new working group, we think about commitment for sharing various videos and information by utilizing Facebook whose users are drastically increasing currently also in Japan. We are going to present a detailed approach such as cooperation between the official page and general page on Facebook, and alliances with YouTube and other video sites. At the same time, we would like to have a thorough discussion in the Social 3D Working Group what we can do after such activities.
"Tips to enjoy 3D and use of networks at Stereo Club Tokyo"

Mr. Kazutoshi Ohtani, Mr. Izumi Okano and Mr. Takashi Sekitani
Mr. Kazutoshi Ohtani
Mr. Izumi Okano
Mr. Takashi Sekitani
> Lecture Outline
(1) "Profile of Stereo Club Tokyo and Internet media" - History before its establishment in 1996 and changes up to now -
(2) Current situation of 3D and tips to enjoy 3D from the viewpoint of 3D fans - There are two prominent types of tips to enjoy 3D images and stereo photo/images. One is it is fun to see them and the other is it is fun to shoot them. The appearance of 3D movies at movie theaters and 3D TVs and the environment to see 3D have been developed and the environment to shoot 3D has also been developed by 3D cameras and Nintendo 3DS; however, 3D fans are still small in number considering the total number of consumers. Based on experiences at the club and personal experiences, the tips to enjoy 3D, which is important for diffusion of 3D, were covered.
(3) "Stereo Clubs in the world and ISU" - Around 20 - 30 stereo photo/movie lovers' group like Stereo Club Tokyo exist in the world and activities of each of them are unique. ISU (International Stereoscopic Union) can be named as a group at the top of these clubs. Currently, it consists of more than 20 stereo clubs and more than 1,000 members. Activities of these stereo clubs in the world and ISU were introduced.
"Mass media will survive by 'socialization"

Department of Interactive Content Production and Business Media Business Division, TOKYO BROADCASTIONG SYSTEM TELEVISION, INC.
Mr. Shinsuke Yamawaki

> Lecture Outline
After the release of the movie "Social Network", the number of members of Facebook has finally increased to 700 million in the world. Its appeal and possibilities were explained in a straightforward manner, and the relation between media and social platforms and future development in the society and as business were also covered.

Theme: "New era of 3D: What we can see after 'socialization'"
oodinator: Mr. Atsushi Miyazawa (Associate Head of Administration / Tokyo Polytechnic University)
Mr. Takayuki Oguchi (Image journalist)
Mr. Kazutoshi Ohtani (STEREO CLUB TOKYO)
Mr. Sang-Hyun Kim (Global Information and Telecommunication Institute of Waseda University)
Ms. Eri Ueda (CHUKYO TV. Broadcasting Co., Ltd.)
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