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The organization of the "3D Consortium 2010 General Meeting, lectures and an exhibition with demonstrations"
(Venue: Fun Theater in Head quarters Mirai-Kenkyusho of NAMCO BANDAI Games, Higashi-Shinagawa)
February 19, 2010
The 2010 General Meeting of the 3D Consortium was organized at the Fun Theater in Mirai-Kenkyusho of the headquarters of NAMCO BANDAI Games. After the Meeting, lectures associated with the General Meeting were organized at the same venue. This year, 199 persons including the general public attended these lectures associated with the General Meeting.
General Meeting
Head of Administration Mr. Kuniaki Izumi delivering an address
Prior to the General Meeting, Mr. Kuniaki Izumi, Head of Administration of the 3D Consortium, expressed gratitude to those attending, and opened the meeting.
Prior to the proceedings, Mr. Akira Suzuki (Seiko Epson Corporation) who was selected as Chairman, reported that the General Meeting came into effect by attendance of 40 members and proxies from 14 members out of total 60 members. Then, Mr. Ken Mashitani (Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.) explained about each agenda item; all the agenda items were approved as is. The agenda items discussed at the general meeting were as follows:

Agenda Items for the General Meeting
Mr. Akira Suzuki, chairman of the general meeting, declaring of the establishment of the meeting.
Mr. Ken Mashitani, explaining individual agenda items.
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After the General Meeting, lectures associated with the General Meeting were organized at the same venue.
"3D strategies of each TV manufacturer and expectations of 3DC"

We invited lecturers from four TV manufacturers from the members of the 3D Consortium to deliver lectures about their 3D strategies and expectations toward the 3D Consortium.

Sony Corporation
Mr. Yoshiaki Nakada
Sharp Corporation
Mr. Yasuhiro Yoshida
Panasonic Corporation
Mr. Hiroshi Miyai
Toshiba Corporation
Mr. Tsutomu Sakamoto
"Lecture by an invited speaker: Global trends and challenges in the 3D industry and collaboration between Japan and the US - Collaboration between 3D@Home Consortium and the 3D Consortium"

President of Insight Media, 3D@Home Board Member
Mr. Chris Chinnock
* Contents of lectures
In this lecture, panoramic views about the trends of the global 3D industry, overviews about market prediction and future challenges about 3DTVs which have been a recent hot topic were presented. Opinions about the possible collaboration between the 3D@Home Consortium in the US and the 3D Consortium in Japan to handle challenges were also presented.
"Introduction of history of 3D arts and exhibits at the Ars Electronica"

Ms. Tomoe Moriyama
Mr. Kazuma Morino
* Contents of lectures
This lecture gave fascinating aspects of stereoscopic expressions which include epoch-making video equipment and regions of contemporary art by introducing backgrounds about how "DAWN", a collaborative work for "Ars Electronica - 30 years for Art and Media Technology", was born and various 3D exhibitions organized during the previous 3D boom.
"About Fine Pix REAL 3D - A 3D imaging system"

FUJIFILM Corporation
Mr. Mikio Watanabe
* Contents of lectures
"Fine Pix REAL 3D system" was released in August 2009 under a concept, "What you see is what is recorded", and acquired a good reputation. By offering functions to record (camera), to see (viewer) and to record (print service) 3D images as a system, it aims to allow users to easily enjoy 3D images with realism without troublesome operations or special processing. This lecture introduced the product, explained about the outline of the system, backgrounds of its development and outline of technologies. It also covered what the system aims to cover in the field of 3D in the future.

Scenes of the venue of lectures

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