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The organization of the "3D Consortium 2011 General Meeting, Keynote lectures and an exhibition with demonstrations"
(Venue: Room 3912 in the headquarters of Toshiba Corporation, Hamamatsu-cho)
February 18, 2011
The 2007 The 2011 General Meeting of the 3D Consortium and a commemorative lecture were held at Room 3912 in the headquarters of Toshiba Corporation.
Before organization of the General Meeting, Chairman of the 3D Consortium, Shigeaki Mizushima (Sharp Corporation), delivered the following words of greetings.
[Address by Mr. Mizushima, Chairman]

Chairman Mr. Mizushima delivering an address
Thank you very much for your taking time from your busy schedule to participate in the "3D Consortium 2011 General Meeting."
My name is Shigeaki Mizushima from Sharp, and I serve as the chairman of the Consortium.
I humbly ask for some of your time to deliver a word of greeting.

Eight years have passed since the inauguration of the 3D Consortium. In 2010, which started with the 3D boom in the cinema industry represented by the movie "Avatar", several home electric appliance manufacturers released 3D TVs which started to spread in general households. Broadcast stations started to establish channels which distribute 3D contents. In addition, PCs, game equipment, cameras and mobile phones which support 3D contents appeared and I feel that the amount and types of offered 3D contents are gradually increasing.

In such a trend, the 3D Consortium made a full-fledged revision of the "3DC Safety Guidelines", safety guidelines for comfortable viewing of 3D images, under cooperation with the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association and the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, publicized them widely to the general public and focused on activities for dissemination. In order to make an appeal of the attractiveness of 3D contents to general users to easily share that impression, we established "QoE3D WG (working group)" which is in charge of activities for dissemination and transmission of information via improvement of the quality of 3D experiences and it started activities.

In 2011, various manufacturers have plans to release more 3D related products including new types of 3D TVs. According to such releases, the degree of importance of the "3DC Safety Guidelines" the 3D Consortium has been working on for years will further increase.

I believe that the significance of the 3D Consortium is to be dedicated to working on various measures to promote acceptance of 3D by the general public as amusing and comfortable contents, external activities including assistance for preparation of standards which are important for further expansion and growth of the 3D market and approach to the industrial world to create comfortable and safe 3D contents.

I am going to exert efforts for the further growth of the 3D market with you.
I would appreciate your kind, continuous support.
The General Meeting

Prior to the proceedings, Mr. Tsutomu Horikoshi (NTT DOCOMO Inc.) who was selected as Chairman, reported that the General Meeting came into effect by attendance of 37 members and proxies from 20 members out of total 67 members. Then, Mr. Koichi Imai (Head of Administration of the 3D Consortium) explained about each agenda item; all the agenda items were approved as is.

Mr. Tsutomu Horikoshi, chairman of the general meeting, declaring of the establishment of the meeting.
Mr. Isao Ohashi, auditor, making an audit report.

Agenda Items for the General Meeting
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Head of Administration Mr. koichi Imai delivering an address
After the General Meeting, a commemorative lecture titled "3D strategies of broadcast distributing companies and 3D video production companies" and an exhibition were held at the same venue. And in each lecture, 3D contents were presented. There were many general participants as well as members of the 3D Consortium which totaled 219 persons.

Prior to the lectures, Mr. Imai, Head of Administration of the 3D Consortium, expressed his gratitude to participants and explained the background of planning these lectures by gathering major companies in the broadcasting industry and content business referring to the fact that many broadcasting stations and cable TV stations recently started broadcasting exclusively for 3D contents and the situation for distribution of 3D video has been developed.
"Background for the broadcast of the first-in-Japan 3D music regular program 'Panasonic 3D Music Studio' and learning from the experience"

Division Manager, Programming and Production Div., Asahi Satellite Broadcasting Ltd.
Mr. Naoto Ueda
* Lecture Outlinee
Background to the start of the program in November 2010 and learning from the 3-month experience since the broadcast started were introduced. Based on what was learned, challenges and prospects for research and consideration of future 3D programs were presented. 3D contents were presented.
"Commitment toward 3D by BS-TBS"

General Manager, Contents Business Department Integrated Producer, BS-TBS, Inc.
Mr. Tamon Andrew Niwa
* Lecture Outlinee
1. The first-in-Asia fashion show in March 2010
2. Terrestrial full segment 3D broadcast in August 2010
3. The first-in-Japan 3D drama
"Expectation and allergenic reaction toward 3D contents in terms of programming, planning and management - Challenges to realize 3D regular programs"

Programming & News Headquaters, Programming & News Dep., Programming Dept., FUJI satellite Broadcasting, INC.
Mr. Hiroaki Nakashima
* Lecture Outlinee
For dissemination and promotion of 3D contents, changes in the consciousness are required for producers, planners and persons in charge of programming and management of programs as well as development of technologies. Reports on various reactions and recommendations were made via experience of a young staff at the programming department through challenges for the 3D regular programs.
"Commitment by BS11 for 3D broadcast"

3D Director, Corporate Communications Dep., Programming and Production Div., Nippon BS Broadcasting Corporation
Ms. Natsumi Isobe
* Lecture Outlinee
3 years have passed since the beginning of the 3D broadcast. During the period, the circumstances around the 3D broadcast and 3D business drastically changed. Especially, changes after the release of 3D TVs are noteworthy. This lecture overviewed the commitment of BS11 toward 3D broadcast since the release of 3D TVs and future development.
"SkyPerfect TV - Present and future of 3D broadcast"

Acting General Manager, Programming Division, Broadcasting Business Group, SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation
Mr. Tomohiro Kawakami
* Lecture Outlinee
This lecture introduced the commitment by 3D169, a channel which is exclusive to 3D contents on SkyPerfect TV which started in June 2010 and the future development of SkyPerfect TV's 3D broadcast.
"Situation around commitment for 3D by NHK Media Technology and future prospects"

Senior Managing Director, NHK Media Technology, INC.
Mr. Tadao Deguchi
* Lecture Outlinee
This lecture introduced the outline of various 3D contents produced during the last year by NHK Media Technologies, cultivation of human resources such as stereographers, development of 3D equipment as well as the report on the commitment for safety of 3D contents and future prospects including cooperation with overseas organizations.
"Commitment for production of 3D contents"

Deputy Manager, Programming, Programming Strategy, Programming Division, Nippon Television Network Corporation
Mr. Tomomi Okabe
* Lecture Outlinee
In this lecture, strategies and challenges in terms of 3D contents production as a broadcasting business operator were explained.
"3D services offered by J:COM"

General Manager, Service Strategy Division and General Manager, Broadcast Strategy Dept., Jupiter Telecommunications Co., Ltd.
Mr. Kazumasa Watanabe
* Lecture Outlinee
J:COM was the first to start 3D services in April 2010. Utilizing merits of a cable network, we are distributing 3D video by using the VOD platform. This lecture introduced the content of distributed programs, challenges about distribution and future development.
"Disney 3D strategy"

Senior Manager, Product Marketing, Walt Disney Studios Japan
Mr. Tomoaki Inoue
* Lecture Outlinee
Thanks to the appearance of "3D", how to enjoy movies is rapidly changing. By introducing 3D content into the market, the entertainment experience of watching a movie will greatly change. In such a situation, Disney will accelerate fostering the market by offering high-quality 3D movies.
"Appeals and evolution of 3D movies in Hollywood - Current and future situations of 2D/3D conversion business"

Co-Founder/Chief Technology Officer, Stereo D, LLC
Mr. Kuniaki Izumi
* Lecture Outlinee
This lecture introduced the latest trend of 3D movies in Hollywood as well as the current and future situations of 2D/3D conversion business which is rapidly expanding after "Avatar".
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Exhibition with demonstrations

"Stereoscopic visibility measuring system 'TE-3D10'"
Actual measurement of eye movements when stereoscopic images are being viewed
> Newsight Japan Ltd.

"Naked-eye multi-parallax 3D display system for 2-parallax contents 'Magicview'"
This system enables real-time naked eye multi-parallax 3D presentation of 3D contents assuming for display on systems by using glasses
> NHK Media Technology,Inc.

"Exhibition of medical related content by using naked-eye 3D"
Naked-eye 3D by using the II system
> Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd.

"Super short focus projector supporting 3D - PDG-DWL2500J" (demonstration of 3D projected on the floor)
A super short focus projector supporting 3D which enables projection on a screen as large as 80-inches from the shortest distance in the world which is 32 cm
> TOSHIBA Corporation

"Glassless 3D TV (12GL1, 20GL1)"
3D video can be viewed without using glasses on this TV.
"3D TV (55X1)"
By using LED direct backlight, high quality 3D video can be presented.
Scenes of the venue of lectures

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